The Hatred and Violence Must Stop

“How do you like this new democracy, that has a mob storming the Capitol and…blocking the access of the majority party into their offices and into the legislative chamber? It looks more like anarchy to me.” “…cameras caught protesters storming the Capitol – breaking doors and windows – in a last-ditch push to protest and possibly blockContinue reading “The Hatred and Violence Must Stop”

The Intolerance of the Tolerant

“Bigot.” “Traitor.” “Liar.” “Fraud.” As Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard departs Congress, the vicious name-calling directed at her over the last month still echoes. What did Rep. Gabbard do to merit such vilification from fellow progressives? Simple. She dared to challenge the abortion absolutism and gender ideology that are defining principles of America’s secular left, dissentContinue reading “The Intolerance of the Tolerant”

The Death Penalty

A spate of federal executions in the waning days of the Trump administration is deeply troubling. Let’s be clear: capital punishment is not morally equivalent to abortion. While innocent persons are sometimes wrongly executed, every abortion involves the intentional killing of a completely innocent young life. Every person on death row is accorded extensive dueContinue reading “The Death Penalty”

In Defense of Religious Freedom

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a welcome decision recently, upholding Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio’s challenge to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on religious gatherings in the wake of an upsurge in coronavirus cases.  As recounted by Catholic News Service, the Diocese of Brooklyn first went into federal court in October to challenge the new restrictions, andContinue reading “In Defense of Religious Freedom”

Abortion and the Eucharist

Joe Biden’s apparent election brings to the fore the question of pro-abortion Catholic politicians being denied the Eucharist. Washington D.C.’s Archbishop, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, swiftly renounced any intent to do so, despite the Catholic Biden’s embrace of extreme pro-abortion policies.      I have always been reticent about pressuring bishops to take this action, for reasonsContinue reading “Abortion and the Eucharist”

Catholic Teaching and Prudential Judgment

While I have emphasized from the start that I want this blog to be a forum for the kind of civil discourse so absent in today’s public square, I did not intend for that to mean an absence of strongly stated convictions. My point was and is simply that we can argue forcefully for whatContinue reading “Catholic Teaching and Prudential Judgment”

Vote to Save Pregnancy Care Centers in NY

I wrote last week about the loving care we need to provide—and that the Church and the pro-life movement have been providing for years—for mothers in crisis pregnancy situations. I noted that we can sometimes lose sight of the personal dimensions of this and other life and justice issues, amid the broader—and necessary—political struggles overContinue reading “Vote to Save Pregnancy Care Centers in NY”