Convention prayers

Should Catholic clerics accept invitations to lead prayers at political conventions?  This question resurfaces every presidential election year, and 2020 is no exception. Writing a guest column for CNN, former Augustinian priest Brian Frawley scolded Cardinal Timothy Dolan for offering an invocation at this year’s Republican National Convention. Frawley apparently had no objection to JesuitContinue reading “Convention prayers”

Opposing “hate speech” or just hating speech?

“Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist.” That quote from Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave who became one of America’s most powerful voices for freedom, highlights an important statement issued August 11 by a distinguished group of academic scholars, faith leaders, and commentators. The Philadelphia Statement—soContinue reading “Opposing “hate speech” or just hating speech?”

Amid polarized discourse, we need Catholic voices of reason

To characterize today’s public discourse as lacking in civility is, to say the least, a monumental understatement. While discussions involving politics, culture, religion have always been contentious, today such discussion has degenerated to a frightening level of anger, hatred, and intolerance. Those who hold differing opinions are not just to be disagreed with; they areContinue reading “Amid polarized discourse, we need Catholic voices of reason”