Thankful for God’s Gifts in My Time of Crisis

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my wife Eileen brought family and friends together to celebrate my 70th birthday. It was especially meaningful, coming exactly ten years after I was diagnosed–on Thanksgiving eve 2011–with colon cancer. The ensuing ordeal–surgery, then six months of chemotherapy–was made worse by a simultaneous career crisis. Two weeks earlier, the Diocese of RockvilleContinue reading “Thankful for God’s Gifts in My Time of Crisis”

Archbishop Gomez and Social Justice

The Catholic left’s outcry against Archbishop Jose Gomez’s recent address to the Congress of Catholics and Public Life in Spain, deploring anti-Christian secularization, was predictable. They imply that in labeling certain “new social justice movements” “pseudo religions,” the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is rejecting the entire concept of “social justice.” ButContinue reading “Archbishop Gomez and Social Justice”

A NY Threat to Voting Integrity

Besides electing candidates for local offices this year, we voters in New York State will also be deciding whether to add three new amendments to our state constitution. All of them deal with elections and voting—and all of them, in my view, will undermine voting integrity, with dire consequences for our efforts to protect theContinue reading “A NY Threat to Voting Integrity”

Fighting for Justice—But Without Anger

“It is my wish, then, that in every place men should pray, lifting up holy hands, without anger.” — 1 Timothy 2:8 When I started this blog a little over a year ago, my intention, amid the rancor and vitriol that seems to poison virtually all political, cultural, even spiritual discussion these days, was toContinue reading “Fighting for Justice—But Without Anger”

Texas Law is Saving Lives

If you want a preview of what we are in for should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, just observe the pro-abortion hysteria over the Texas “heartbeat” law protecting the lives of helpless infants in their mothers’ wombs. “Extremist law” blares a headline in The Atlantic over an inflammatory charge that “conservative legislators inContinue reading “Texas Law is Saving Lives”

What Next For Andrew Cuomo?

“The tumult and the shouting dies, The Captains and the Kings depart. Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice– An humble and a contrite heart.” I first used that verse from Rudyard Kipling–immortalized in the title of Taylor Caldwell’s novel, The Captains and the Kings–when I wrote about the last New York governor who resigned in disgraceContinue reading “What Next For Andrew Cuomo?”


How should Catholics regard the phenomenon of populism, and its current manifestations in America and around the world? Pope Francis warns against “the prejudice of populism, countries who close in on themselves and turn to ideologies,” including “the old ideologies that created the Second World War.” Unquestionably, Hitler had a powerful populist appeal that helpedContinue reading “Populism”

Biden’s Assault on the Hyde Amendment

I wasn’t going to belabor the Joe Biden issue beyond my previous post—and guest essay in Newsday—regarding the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) commissioning a document on the Eucharist amid the pro-abortion President’s very public Catholicism and reception of the sacraments. But now the Biden administration is acting on the President’s campaign promise toContinue reading “Biden’s Assault on the Hyde Amendment”

The Bishops and the Eucharist

Amid the contrived hysteria over the U.S. Bishops’ commissioning a draft document on the Eucharist, some calm, rational clarification is in order. To begin with, whatever document ultimately emerges from this process will NOT—because it CANNOT—bar President Biden, or any abortion-supporting Catholic politician, from reception of Communion. That authority is delegated to diocesan bishops, actingContinue reading “The Bishops and the Eucharist”